Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 18, 2007

Of Hope and Horticulture

Last night and throughout today I rejoiced in the rain.

Yes, it was humid and my hair looked like it did when I was five years old and played with my dogs all afternoon. Yes, the wind made the walk to class much more difficult than it should have been. And, yes, it really sucked walking around this morning looking at buds and stems and leaves while getting mud all over my shoes. But, still, I rejoiced.

Even though today was gloomy, I know what lies ahead. Because of the abnormally high temperatures, the leaves have stayed on the trees a lot longer than usual. And now that it has rained, the trees have been replenished with water to perform a spectacular autumn show. While the pigments for yellow always remain in a leaf, trees actually have to manufacture the pigments to create reds, oranges, and purples. We’re not really sure why a tree would bother to use up its last energy reserves to provide us with this joy, but I’m pretty sure it’s what God decided they’d do (of course). All over campus the trees are still full of leaves, and now they have what it takes to produce an array of fall colors.

If we don’t have an early frost–which isn’t in the forecast–then the next few weeks should prove to be absolutely amazing.

So, I rejoiced in the rain and the gloom and the darkness. Because I know that there will be great joy once this surpasses.

And so, it should only make sense for me to be at peace with the struggles I am dealing with now, because soon there will be great joy. I am just trying to shut down my worries and anxiety and place my problems in the hands of the Lord. He created the giant oak tree from a tiny acorn; I am sure he can take my struggles and create something big from that as well.


  1. I saw a bumper sticker yesterday that said “don’t move logs, it BUGS me” and I laughed and thought of you and Lynn.

  2. That’s great–Lynn actually HAS that bumper sticker!

  3. Hello my dear…this post made me miss fall a lot. I’m in Ecuador right now, and the trees are most certainly not changing color. Quito has been called the city of the eternal spring…which is lovely…but there is something to be said for multicolored leaves and the anticipation of a good snowfall.

    I’m praying for you, my dear twin.

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