Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 26, 2007


They were made out of wool in a dark grey color, with a cable twist on the front. Inside, they were lined with a warm layer of fleece. I used them when I was little, even though they were too big. I grew into them, eventually and I kept using them into high school and college, even if they weren’t that fashionable. My fingers were hardly ever cold as long as I had my mittens with me. They could pack snow without getting too many clumps stuck in the fabric. The fabric smelled like snow year-round, and I always loved bringing them back out of winter storage.

I wore them last year to my first ever hockey game. They kept my fingers warm on the walk to the arena. It was the first snowfall of the season, and I was so thrilled. The Illini won. As we made our way out of ice arena, I reached into my pockets–GASP. To my horror, the mittens were not there. They weren’t in my purse or any other pocket, and they weren’t on the floor where we had been standing. I was devastated. That winter I was forced to use cheap Target mittens and deal with winds that managed to whip through the gaps in the poorly designs mittens. During the blizzard, my fingers were numb and red–something that would not have happened if my old grey pals were still around.

It’s getting cold again, and I have yet to find a pair of mittens that can match up to the glory of my dearly missed mittens.


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