Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 28, 2007

Got Love?

The other night when I couldn’t sleep I got to thinking about love.

I have a sneaky feeling that love is like milk. Hear me out on this. Love is like having milk in your refrigerator. You know it’s there and you have all sorts of things you can do with it. You can make hot cocoa, milkshakes, and cereal. All the stuff that really makes you happy. You can even make snacks to make other people happy.

And then, when you’re out of milk, you really realize how much you enjoyed having it in your fridge. Suddenly you crave everything milk-related. You want two bowls of cereal. You want to make those mashed potatoes that actually taste pretty good considering they come from a box. It’s as though without milk your food just isn’t as good.

But, as I have recently realized, Christians are never without love. We will continue to be loved unconditionally. Even through pain and loss, we can be comforted by a love that endures all things and hopes all things.

This love will never fail us.

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