Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 31, 2007


My brain is like a small plant trying desperately to grow and learn, to soak up the sun and enjoy God’s goodness. But then, I am distracted by the memories. This usually occurs while I am trying to focus on schoolwork or other important tasks. It starts out small, a single thought or image crosses my mind. These are like tiny spores of a fungus, seemingly harmless. But then that thought leads to a memory which leads to me longing for something more. Suddenly that fungus has latched on and has grown and divided into thousands of tiny strands, slowly taking over that little plant. Soon my brain cannot focus on anything other than that which I no longer have. The little plant is taken over by the fungus and slowly turns into rot and brown mush.

The only difference between me and that plant is that plants cannot recover from a disease. Once it is contaminated, it cannot heal. I, on the other hand, can fight this. I can grow through this and become better and stronger because of it.


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