Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | November 17, 2007

Inspired by Edy’s Special Edition Pumpkin Ice Cream

Sometimes I realize that my life is a lot more like a pint of ice cream. Like, chocolate chip cookie dough Blizzards. Most of the chunks sink down to the bottom, and the last few spoonfuls are loaded with cookie dough joy.

I have realized that when I was feeling at my very lowest–stuck at the very bottom–I was still chockfull of goodness. I had friends who supported me. I had, at least, a mom who would spend long amounts of time on the phone trying to listen through the sobs and tears (Dad just threatened to beat him up). Most of all, I still had God who was there with me from the very beginning.

Being at the bottom really isn’t so bad. That’s where all the really good stuff sinks down with you.



  1. Pumpkin anything is good by me.

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