Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 6, 2007

What we have here is a failure to procrastinate

I checked my email this morning, and to my excitement there were two email notifications from I opened the email, saw that my friend had written a message on my wall, and then below that was the actual message!

In the past, these emails would just say, “Hey, So-and-so wrote on your wall, you better log in to Facebook to see what it’s all about.” But they’ve now eliminated this process. Which means I don’t really have to log into Facebook to see the message. Which no longer gives me an excuse to log in, check my wall, read the messages in my inbox, and check on which friends recently updated their profiles, and see if there are any good pictures up of my friend’s friend. You know. There goes an easy 20 minutes of procrastination.

What the crap am I supposed to do now, Facebook? Thanks a lot.

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