Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 10, 2007

Top 5 Memories of 2007: #5

#5 – Biting into a ripe watermelon that I planted and cared for all summer

It was probably the 2nd hottest week of the summer at the park. Another intern and I were exhausted, as we had just finished removing the massive weeds from the sweet corn plots. Our boss was gone. The two other interns were up at the greenhouses. No one was around.

We saw it. Bright and yellow-green striped. Yellow on the bottom. It made a giant thud when you knocked on it with your fingers. Ripe.

We cut it from the vine. We cut it open and ate the entire thing. Just the two of us. On that hot August day in the middle of the field.

It was the best watermelon ever. We had cared for them in the greenhouse for 2 weeks, giving them starter fertilizers and all sorts of tender lovin’ care. Then we transplanted them into the field where we gave them proper spacing and landscape fabric to prevent those pesky weeds from ruining our watermelons. But my hard work went into that watermelon. My sweat and aching back. My sunburns and blisters.

It was the best watermelon. Ever.


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