Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 11, 2007

Top 5 Memories of 2007: #4

#4 – Spending a week in California  

The acres upon acres of grape vines and the coast line of Bodega Bay Head.  The Redwood forest.  Wearing a sweater the during the first full week of August.  Drinking wine with every meal.  The sand in my toes at Crissy Field Beach in San Francisco.  Taking my aunt and uncle’s dog for a walk in the neighborhood park.  Drinking $13 cocktails at Auberge du Soleil.  A floor tour of the Jelly Belly factory (and sampling more Jelly Bellys than I ever imagined!).  Antique shopping with my family.  A week with little to no Internet connection and instead connecting with my family.  The Luther Burbank horticultural museum.  The Charlie Brown/Charles M. Schultz Museum.  Going on a flight to and from California by myself.  The people.  The view.  The change.

What can I say?  The whole trip was simply an adventure.  It was a wonderful break from rural Illinois life, and I am still pretty sure that I came back a different person after that week.  A little more independent, and a lot more knowledgeable about wine.  Part of me still longs to return to California, for good.  But I am still not sure that I am ready for such a transition yet.  

But, oh, to be able to drive out to the coast on a hot day and watch the sunset over the Pacific Ocean.  To walk underneath those massive redwoods.  It would be nice, but I am not sure if it could be home.



  1. oh, man!! you got to see the schulz library!!! i always everything about charlie brown, and to hear that schulz was so generous to the library makes me love him more!

    california is so enchanting. i got to visit the mission while i was in san.fran and felt such a deep and beautiful connection. since you like spanish and religion, you might want to visit.

    cali. is a sacred place. PERIOD.

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