Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 13, 2007

Top 5 Memories of 2007: #3

#3 – Two Snow Days in a Row

February 13, 2007. It was 7 in the morning. I was sleepy and groggy and not really in the mood to go to my 8am plant pathology class. And then I remembered the weather forecast from the night before.I peered out my window and saw this:

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I looked online and said that more snow was expected, and that winds were blowing at 28mph. I stepped out into the hallway and called the girl who had the same exact schedule as me that semester. We both decided that it simply wasn’t worth walking through the snow to learn about fungi. Declaring my own personal Snow Day, I crawled back into bed at 7:20.

At 9AM there were shouts of joy coming from the hallway. “SNOW DAY!!” My roomie and I looked at each other confused, and then both checked our email.

All classes have been canceled for Tuesday (Feb. 13) at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. More than 5 inches of snow fell overnight, up to another foot of snow is possible by Tuesday night and a blizzard warning is in effect.

It was too good to be true, but it really was a college snow day! That morning I went sledding at the Arboretum despite the harsh winds and the brutal cold. I came back to Newman to have hot tea and lunch, only to find myself back outside a few hours later playing snow football on the quad. That was followed up by a movie and dinner with friends. And after the movie we checked our emails again only to discover that tomorrow would be another snow day!

St. Valentine’s Day 2007 was spent by sleeping in, staying cozy in my pajamas, finishing a few projects, receiving flowers from my dad (because I told him to), and wearing my “Chocolate lovers are the best lovers” Tshirt. And then I spent the evening at Jon’s apartment. Watched a movie and played darts.  We had PB&Js for dinner because we didn’t feel like cooking, and we weren’t mean enough to try to force a pizza delivery guy out into the snow.  We walked to Kmass together in the snow, and also officially became a couple. On a snow day, on St. Valentine’s Day. It was the kind of thing that would make you vomit a little in your mouth because it was so cute.

But something better was still yet to come. I just didn’t see it yet.



  1. i’m still waiting for my snow day!

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