Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 24, 2007

Christmas, Part I

My favorite part of Christmas falls on Christmas Eve.

Mom and I hang out in our small galley kitchen, and prepare all of the ingredients for a big batch of lasagna.  This, of course, requires several breaks for cookies and other snacks that have already been prepared.  While the sauce simmers Mom and I usually pop in a Christmas movie.  This year I put in an old recording of  101 Dalmations and tricked Parker (my nephew) into taking a nap.

After a delightful weekend escape into Chicago, I have yet to wrap any of my presents.  So while Mom and Parker are napping, I’ll be wrapping and wrapping.

The uptstairs smells like herbs and sauce, and the basement smells like the Christmas tree.

It is finally beginning to feel like home.



  1. Christmas lasagna, Christmas fish…it’s all Christmas.

    Merry Christmas Erica!

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