Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | January 22, 2008

A letter

Dear Chicago,

I want my car antennae back. Don’t even try to tell me the wind did it. Seriously.


* * * * *

Yes, that’s right.  Someone stole my car antennae.  They just plunked it right off my car while it was sitting innocently on the streets of Chicago.

Now I have no radio.  Because I am too lazy to always remember to tote my iPod with me when driving, I have been listening to old cassettes that I found in the bottom of my console (put there, I’m sure, for a time in which my car antennae might be stolen and I would have nothing better to listen to).  So if you ever see me driving around town, know that inside my car I’m rocking out to the original Lion King soundtrack.


  1. OH NO! What happened?

  2. Your dad is so going to kill me

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