Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 4, 2008

February in Illinois

Mother Nature is having severe mood swings, as she can’t decide whether it is mid-winter or early spring.  On the drive home from Chicago, I went through dense snow, followed by light snow on icy streets, then onto clear streets with heavy rain (when I stepped into the apartment, I was too exhausted from the amount of precipitation to do anything productive).

The six to eight inches of snow that we received Thursday evening is melting and mixing with the rain.  This makes walking around campus like walking through a giant slushie.  Of course, I am too stubborn to take the bus just because of a little mush.  And, of course, I am also too forgetful to buy snow boots for days like today.

Then I act completely surprised when I get home and discover that the lower portion of my jeans are completely wet.  Gee, how did that happen?



  1. looks like it’s that time of month for mother nature.

  2. […] it had been snowing all morning, and it wasn’t about to let up.  I was not prepared for another drive through the snow.  Luckily, the boy is cute and charming, and he managed to motivate me to pack […]

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