Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 6, 2008

Ash Wednesday

When I sit in church on Ash Wednesday at UIUC, and realize that it is absolutely crowded, I wonder to myself, “Where are you the 364 other days that you’re Catholic?



  1. in the words of fr. john, “[celebrating the] 8th & 9th sacrament of the Catholic Chruch, coffee & donuts”

  2. Ash Wednesday makes me sad. And annoyed. One of the girls who sat down by me today started praying out loud in a really sarcastic voice “Dear Lord, Sorry I haven’t been here for a while….” I kind of wanted to say “You know, some of us take this seriously….” *sigh*

  3. ash wednesday at st johns was always challenging for me cause I’d always get annoyed when I couldn’t find a seat or my friends. I’d think “I come here all the time, I deserve to sit where I want to!” and then I would realize that that’s totally the wrong thing to think and I should be thinking “I come here all the time, I’ll sit in the back so the others can see better, maybe they’ll come back.” always a stretch for me. a good lenten experience, I’m sure.

  4. I found you again!

    Ash Wednesday always makes me both happy and sad. I’m happy that so many people take the time to come and be Catholic and show it for a day, but it makes me sad to know that so many of them won’t be there for the rest of Lent and beyond. I always wonder why, of all the days one could choose to go to Mass, so many choose Ash Wednesday when it is (a) NOT a Holy Day of Obligation and (b) a pretty depressing liturgy. I mean, if you’re only going to come once, why not choose a real celebration, like the feast of St. Athanasius?

  5. I actually felt encouraged to know there are others on my campus that share this faith, whether it’s always or not. It was standing room only, and even the organizers of the mass were surprised.

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