Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 13, 2008


 In light of all
Darkest things
The fire glimmers
And the darkness sings

-Peace and Hate, The Submarines

February is a dark, cold month. It’s my least favorite month of the year. No flowers. No green grass. Just coldness. Darkness. Hibernation. How I wish I could just wrap myself under a blanket and hibernate until the sun wakes me up in Spring.

With no flowers and no leaves, it is easy to feel dead and empty. It’s a feeling that I’ve been fighting every winter since entering high school.

There are two ways, I’ve found, to cure feeling like this. And neither of these require a prescription.

1. Spin. Spin in a circle around your room until you can’t focus and the whole world is spinning along with you. Then collapse onto a couch or bed (or onto the floor) and just let the world move you. There’s something exciting about feeling as though you are twirling about even though you’re sitting still.

2. Scream. I get in my car and drive out to the depths of the country, and I scream. I scream in anger. I scream in joy. I scream to let out anything that’s been bottled up for whatever reason. I like knowing that deep within me there is something loud and impressive. Even though my windows are closed and there is no one around me, I feel powerful. Important, maybe.

What makes you feel alive?


  1. February is a tough month for a lot of people, although I have to admit it’s not any worse for me than the average month.

    Let’s see, what makes me feel alive? Not very much. But there are some things.

    1. Chocolate. Chocolate is wonderful. Chocolate or ice cream, or both together.

    2. Time with friends. This is harder and harder to find as most of my good friends have moved away, but even phone conversations or e-mails help.

    Sometimes things that do require a prescription are useful, too.

  2. Oh, also

    3. Time with animals. But I never get that anymore. Maybe I should follow your example and volunteer at the Humane Society.

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