Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 21, 2008

Sometimes I am Silly

I finished lunch and packed up my bags.  I stuck my boots and an extra sweatshirt in a bag so that my 2-hour woodies lab would be tolerable (only the strong survive in horticulture).  I headed out the door to cross the street and head to McKinley for my doctor’s appointment.

Swiped my i-card at the check in station.

“Sorry.  No appointment could be found.  Please check with the front desk.”

After giving them my last name and information… still no appointment to be found.  Wait a minute.  The receptionist looks at the computer screen a little closer.

“Your appointment isn’t until next Thursday.”

I take back my i-card, hang my head in shame, and turn around to go back home.




  1. That’s happened to me before, except it was a dentist and eye appointment in one day. I ran around town for nothing!

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