Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 26, 2008

You’re only cheating yourself

To Do Before I Graduate:  Sit in on a class that isn’t mine

Over spring break I was hired to work for the vegetable gardening lab.  I grade papers, collect data with the nicest graduate student, set up lab, and talk about/eat food in the lab while working.  It’s great.  I love working there, and it almost makes me want to become a graduate student. (coughalmostcoughcough).

Today I sat in on lecture, to help out with the PowerPoint setup and to collect homework at the end of lecture.  In the last 15 minutes of class, there was a short quiz.  As I sat at the front of the lecture hall, I looked around the room of 180 students and found myself completely shocked.  Right and left people were whispering answers to each other peeking into their notebooks, and peering over each other’s shoulders.  Just so they could answer 3 easy questions.

It was ridiculous, really.  A freshman level course in horticulture — and you’re cheating?  How do you behave in the courses required for your major?  Do you cheat in those, too?  How have you ever learned anything?  How did you get into this university?

What really made me angry, though, was the lack of punishment by my professor.  He knew it was going on–we all talked about it after class–yet he did nothing!  Cheating is cause enough to be kicked out of this university, and he just let it go.  I couldn’t believe it!

If I was a teacher, those kids would be rudely awakened.



  1. In my Soc 200 course, for the midterm there was a girl next to me that had her book, notebook, and notecards in her lap, legs and side. Almost everyone else cheated too. I got a C- the midterm (studying my arse off) while everyone else got A’s. Thankfully, immediately after the midterm, I emailed the prof of how dismayed I was and he apologized. Then just before the final, I emailed him again and reminded him of the midterm. He and the TA was more strict. There was still cheating, but not as much. At least this time I got a B in the course because the prof felt bad for me. =D

  2. Aaaah vegetable gardening. How I loved that class. I’m sure there were people cheating on those quizzes in my lecture, but I never noticed. It doesn’t surprise me though. People take it because they think it’ll be a blow-off class (coughsodidicough), and they they’re shocked when they actually have to do things. And it didn’t surprise me that the professor didn’t do anything about the cheating, that is, if it’s who it was last year. He’s a good guy, and I don’t know if he’d be the type to call people out on cheating.

  3. I loved that class too! though I definitely didn’t cheat on the quizzes (I thought they were exceedingly easy, no need to cheat, I’m a vegetable gardening prodigy or something).

  4. i can grow things. they say if you place a computer chip, one day it will grow into a PC. Macs are exotic and have to be imported, you can’t grow those in your backyard.

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