Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 22, 2008

I wanted to write about the earthquake, too

My Woody Plant Identification class was out in Kentucky for a field trip, looking at trees and shrubs in different arboretums.  

We were staying in a pretty nice hotel for the evening, and 3/4 of the class had gone out to the neighborhood gas station to buy some booze.  I drank my Dr. Pepper (but pretended it was Tattoo and coke) and watched as more than half of my class made fools of themselves by playing beer pong and card games in the middle of a hotel lounge.  

When my Dr. Pepper was gone, and people’s words started to slur, I headed back to the room with my friend to watch the Disney Channel before getting some rest.  We turned out the lights at approximately midnight.

Five and a half hours later, I was woken up by a slight rumble.  That’s weird, I thought to myself.  Since I was in a strange bed and awake at such an early hour, I wasn’t entirely sure of what was going on. I don’t remember seeing train tracks nearby.  Or an airport.  What’s all that rumbling?  

Seconds later, the rumbling stopped.  Confused, but exhausted, I started to drift back to sleep. 

That was really bizarre.  Wouldn’t that be weird if it was an earthquake?  I mean, what would you even do if it was an earthquake?

And after that thought, I was asleep again.  

I didn’t realize that it was actually an earthquake until 2 hours later when we turned on the news.


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