Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 24, 2008

Substitute People

A few weeks ago, my roomie and I watched the movie “Elizabethtown.”  If you haven’t seen the movie–It’s really just another version of “Garden State” with different music in a different town.  Lonely boy going home because of a death in the family and then he meets a quirky girl and they fall in love.

But there was a quotation in the movie that I just haven’t been able to kick out of my mind.

Claire (to Drew):  You and I have a special talent. And I saw it immediately. We’re the substitute people. I’ve been the substitute person my whole life.

I’m leaving.  I have 4 few days of lecture.  Ever.  

Who will even notice that I’m gone?  These past few months have been busy, but lonely.  

I feel as though I have already been replaced.  But I should have expected that.  I’m just the substitute person.


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