Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 8, 2008

Random Memories: The Man in Turner Hall

For all four semesters that I spent at UIUC, I have had a class in W109 Turner Hall.  I have slowly grown familiar with the set-up of Turner over these last two years of searching for my professors’ offices and turning in paperwork for numerous things.  The building is numbered in what seemed to be a smart idea–West, North, East, South, and M–for middle.  But really the place is much more confusing than that.  Every now and then you run into a room with a C in front.  Where did C come from?  Weird.

While walking through the building to get to W109, I would notice a door open at the end of the hallway.  The door was always open, and there was always a man inside looking at the computer screen.  It didn’t matter if it was at 8:50am before my Intro to Soils lecture or if it was at 1:52pm before my Plant and Animal Genetics course.  The man was always there, behind his computer.

He was short, or so it seemed.  I could never really tell, since he was always sitting down.  He was balding, but had a thick salt-and-pepper beard.  Often he wore plaid shirts and khaki pants.  He had thick glasses, and I wondered if it was from a long life of looking at the computer screen.

I often imagined what it could be that he was researching in his tiny little office, with neglected plants by his window.  Was it important?  Was it going to be ground-breaking?  Could that man behind the computer someday win a Nobel Peace Prize?  Maybe.

Or perhaps he was just playing solitaire.


  1. that’s just me in 10 yrs

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