Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 19, 2008

Because college taught me how to read

My job is from 6am to 2pm every day in one of the most gorgeous gardens in the world.  And while I’m pumped to start this new job, I’m even more excited about what I’m going to be doing after 2pm.  The opportunities are endless!  I could get hooked on bad afternoon TV shows, or sit around on the computer all evening… but I have better things planned.  I can’t wait to open up a cook book and make a real dinner.  I’ll be training for a half marathon, so the afternoons will be spent going for a jog around the lake.  I could learn how to knit, take up the guitar, or some other instrument (how about the kazoo?).

But, really, I know that the first thing that I’ll be doing when I get settled in is to take a walk over to the local library and get a membership.  

While I’d probably be okay with reading The Chronicles of Narnia over and over again, it wouldn’t hurt me to try something new.  After reading RachelSkirts recent book updates, I’d like to hear what books you guys would suggest.  Keep in mind that I have some pretty bad book ADD, so if it’s too long or too verbose, I’ll probably give it up.  That means no long historical fiction, please.


  1. I’m a big fan of the Shopaholic series. Mindless chick-lit at its finest. Laurie Notaro’s also very good. Her books are all true stories and are insanely hilarious. Start with “Idiot Girls’ Action Adventure Club.” The nice thing about her books is that each chapter is a different story, so it’s not something you have to read straight through to understand.

  2. ok so I read this post and thought “I read a lot! surely I can think of something!”

    but no, I’ve been thinking all week and I can’t think of anything that I like to read that you would maybe like to read. in fact, even though I know there’s been tons of books that I’ve greatly enjoyed, at the moment ALL of the ones I can think of are pretty hefty and wordy tomes that would not be enjoyable for you. I’m sorry. I fail at book recommendations.

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