Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | July 11, 2008

Extreme Laundry

I’m the girl who leaves her clothes in the laundry machine much longer than it’s supposed to be there.

It’s not exactly that I do it on purpose–It’s just such as hassle to do laundry in my building.  First I have to make sure I have the clothes, the quarters, my building keys, AND the laundry room keys.  Then I have to drag the laundry basket down the hallway, go outside, and try not to tumble down two flights of stairs.  If I make it that far, I have to walk though my alley around to the other side of my building, get out the keys for the laundry room, and finally start taking care of business. 

I need the half hour it takes to wash my clothes to recuperate from the trek, and then I give myself an extra 15 minutes to make sure the laundry really is done before I go back down there again.

We won’t mention how often I’ve walked down to the laundry room only to realize I forgot the keys to the laundry room.  Or how devastating it is to finally make it down there and discover that someone else is doing their laundry.  On a Monday.  Who does laundry on a Monday other than this girl?  Seriously.


  1. Extreme Ironing is a real sport. I don’t see why Extreme Laundry shouldn’t be as well. 😛

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