Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | July 17, 2008

The Thought Had Never Occurred to Me

I stood in my professor’s cluttered office, a huge smile on my face, telling him that I had been offered the internship at CBG.  My mind was reeling with excitement.  Every time the phrase, “I’ll be working at [CBG]” came out of my mouth, it was like I was listening to someone else talk.  Surely I was not the girl with the internship.  But it was… it is!

And now that I’m full-swing into this internship, I cannot decide if this job is everything I dreamed for in my life.

So when I’m pulling weeds or potting up plants in 90 degree weather, I think back to the moment in my professor’s office.

“So a year long internship, huh?  That’s great!  Any ideas what you’ll be doing after that year?”

“Geeze, I have no idea.” How could I possibly think that far ahead!?

“You’ll succeed.  That’s what you’re gonna do.”

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