Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | August 25, 2008

Guilty Pleasures: Part 3


Who wouldnt be happy looking at this?

Who wouldn't be happy looking at this?

Staring at floral designs online

If life brings me down, websites like Teleflora brighten my spirits.  I stare at each floral design–dissecting the piece by proportion, balance, rhythm, color, form, texture, expressiveness.  I focus on the use of cute yellow solidago flowers as fillers.  I love the balance between the tulips and the Bells of Ireland.  The color is cheerful, vibrant, perfect.  

When I stare at each design, I mentally picture the life of the flowers in the display.  Where did they come from?  Columbia?  Ecuador?  Perhaps they were traded at the Holland Auction.  

And then, I can’t help but picture the florist choosing each individual flower to be perfectly situated into the design.  Is the florist young?  Old?  Were their parents involved in floriculture, too?

After that, I picture the floral design being delivered to the recipient.  The shock and joy expressed in their faces.  Or maybe they rewarded themselves with the flowers.  Did they have a rough week?  Did they just start a relationship?  So many possibilities.

In each floral design, I lose myself in the story of the piece of art.  It allows me to forget about the million things that are weighing me down.  It’s the perfect escape.


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