Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | September 5, 2008

She wants to party (Woo)

It’s been a while.  I could update about the roller coaster of emotions that I’ve been feeling about my internship and whether or not I’ve made the right decision.  But that’s boring.

In the horticulture field, we spray some high-grade vinegar on weeds to totally wipe them out.  It requires wearing boots, rubber gloves, an air mask, and those dorky green-tinted goggles that you had to wear in high school chemistry.  To top off the look, you also have to stick a 3-gallon sprayer on your back.  We also put this bright blue dye in the solution so that we can see where we’ve sprayed and where we haven’t.  Whenever I am assembling this outfit, all I can do is hum to myself the Ghostbusters theme.  Sometimes I make up my own lyrics.

If the weeds are growin’

in greenhouse nine

Who ya gonna call?

The interns!

It makes the task that much more entertaining.  Because waddling around with a 3-gallon jet pack of dark blue solution that smells like pickles is kinda amusing, albeit painful and awkward.  Especially when you start to be squished by the rolling benches and you’re panicking because you don’t want to break any of the poinsettia leaves OMG.  

But I digress.

At the end of the day, we finished destroying some weeds, we all headed back to the headhouse and began putting things away.  I had about a gallon of the blue pickle juice left, and my boss wanted to use it.  Don Henley’s “All She Wants to Do is Dance” was blasting on the radio.  My boss had put the jet sprayer on his back, Emily was rinsing hers out in the sink, and I was still sporting the boots and the goggles were on my forehead.  But without missing a beat, the other intern, my boss, and I all belted out the lyrics in our best falsettos.  It was incredible.   The best way to end a Friday.

I guess I wouldn’t have it any other way.


  1. you know, they are making a 3rd Ghostbusters movie. i’m sure if you audition you’ll have a pretty awesome chance. otherwise, you can just spray the casting crew. =P

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