Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | September 10, 2008

A letter from yours truly

To the person/s in my apartment complex who stole my laundry detergent:

Seriously?  It was a brand new bottle.  I used it once to clean my work clothes.  It has special bleach for colors because I work outside and actually get my clothes dirty for a living.  

I’m trying to live off an intern salary in the north shore.  I find it hard to give you the benefit of the doubt that you couldn’t afford new laundry detergent.

And how the hell did you use up 30 loads of laundry in the week that I haven’t been down here?  You clothes might be clean, but I hope they wreak of guilt.


This girl

P.S.  Live and learn.  From now on I’ll be keeping my detergent in my apartment.  So you’ll have to steal yours from someone else.


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