Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | October 8, 2008

A tip for readers

For all of you who actually still read this poor excuse for a blog, I have one bit of advice:

Don’t graduate.  Ever.

Fact of the matter is, if you stay in school you have friends and daily activities and things to do in the evening.  Which means you have something worthy to write about.  If you graduate, you’ve gotta come up with your own stuff.  And it’s hard work.  Example:

Today I came home from work and saw my cat playing with a centipede that was crawling along the floor.  He tried to eat it.  I then smashed it.  With a flip flop.  Cleaned up the goopy mess and then went about my laziness.  This is probably the most exciting thing that will happen tonight.

Seriously, don’t graduate.



  1. Ugh. I kind of envy you for that.
    Here’s my day:
    6:05 – wake up, shower, get dressed, drink lots of coffee
    7:20 – leave for the clinic
    7:30 – eat breakfast at clinic while prepping for client
    8:00 – therapy
    9:10 – realize that if I don’t leave the clinic immediately, I will be late for class
    9:28 – speedwalk to class
    9:50 – frantically “read” the 60-page article I was supposed to have read before class. Come up with 2 comments to make about it.
    10:00 – class
    11:30 – catch up on important emails to supervisors and externship contacts, etc. Go buy lunch because I was too busy/lazy to pack it last night.
    12:00 – eat lunch while at lab
    1:30 – fall asleep while listening to language samples (oops)
    3:00 – spiritual direction/CC logistics stuff
    4:00 – wait for people to turn in their PW letters
    5:04 – dinner with Rena (a happy accident)
    6:30 – paperwork
    7:15 – fall asleep at computer. Take nap.
    8:20 – deliver letters to Rocio
    8:30 – shopping for snacks with CC
    10:00 – paperwork
    11:15 – deliver more letters to Rocio
    11:45 – paperwork
    12:55 – 5 minutes to breathe/check blogs/email
    1:03 – leave really long comment on Erica’s blog
    1:05 – make coffee for tomorrow, pack lunch for tomorrow, brush teeth
    1:30 – bed

    So, my advice: never go to grad school.

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