Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | November 18, 2008

Like owner, like pet

My cat has the laziness and chubbiness of Garfield.  Duke would probably even eat lasagna if given the opportunity.  He also has the typical pompous attitude that only cats can get away with, of course.  He steals any comfy spot–my bed, couch, chair–as soon as it has been cleaned.  

He also has a ritual that I’ve never noticed in any other cat.  You see, whenever he goes to take a drink from his water dish, he stares at it for quite some time.  He then pokes his little paw into the water and act surprised.  “Ohmygosh!  This is cold!  And wet!  What could it be?!”  After his paw is soaked, he licks it clean, takes a few licks from the bowl, and then… progresses to topple over the water bowl with his paw.  He tilts his head to his side as the water puddles up around him.  And then he walks to me and meows, obviously saying, “Um, excuse me.  But there’s no water in my dish.  Fix this.”

And this happens every day.  You would think that by now he would understand that the water in his bowl is wet!  And cold!  And messy!  But he never learns.

And, apparently, Duke and I have that trait in common.  Because I keep going to the grocery store without a list or idea of what I’d like to cook.  And I keep going during my usual snack time (3pm)–so everything seems like a great idea for dinner.  So I watch my cart pile up, and wonder how that happened.  When everything’s totaled at the register I think to myself, “Ohmygosh!  That’s expensive!  And depressing!  How did that happen?”  And I almost want to say to the clerk, “Um, excuse me.  This costs an awful lot.  Fix that.




  1. At first I thought that if you didn’t refill the water right away that Duke would eventually learn. Cats are smart after all. However, that would be cruel since he may have been thirsty. Then, I thought of a better idea. If you tied both paws together, Duke would find it nearly impossible to knock the dish over.

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