Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 6, 2008

The weather outside is frightful

But the working heater of this snazzy downtown hotel is delightful.*  I can see Crate and Barrel from my window, and I’m watching the people face the cold Chicago weather to do some Christmas shopping down Michigan Ave.  But me?  I think I am okay staying here on this comfy bed, wrapped in the down comforter, and watching it all.  I feel as though I am still recovering from last winter.  Spring came three weeks late, so I was not prepared for an early December snow.  I still can’t bring myself to dive into the depths of my storage closet to drag out my winter coat.  I just keep saying that I can hold out a little longer… just a little longer.  But, really.  If we could just fast forward to spring, that would be super.

*For the 2nd year in a row, I’ve found myself living in an apartment where the radiators decide to break down as soon as it’s actually cold outside.  Figures.


  1. OH NO! Radiators broke down again?? But hey–snazzy downtown hotel! That’s a nice perk. Is your landlord putting you up there or something? Fancy.

    And I like the new layout. And the snow. 🙂

  2. ACK! No heat in a Chicago snow…oh, no! I would die, I’m sure of it. I find snow very romantic and lovely, but I would need to be warm. Now granted, my friends that actually live in snowy areas find my ideas a little misled, but that’s what happens when you live at the beach in southern CA.

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