Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 8, 2008

Epic Fail

The cold air was sinking in through the window AC unit.

After lifting around 15 gallon pots of trees and shrubs all summer, I figured I had the muscle power to take it out of the window by myself. And I could. Success!

The chilly winter air was quickly blowing into the wide open window. I pulled the window down. The lower (wooden) portion of the window became stuck and then unloosened. The glass fell and shattered. And the window was now stuck half-way open. Crap.

My housing manager came quickly to the apartment. We had to remove the window and put up some cardboard. I’ve covered it with some decorative pillows and a fleece blanket.
So much for making the apartment warmer.



  1. apparently i’m not manly enough to take it out

  2. hahahahahaa

    I’m sorry– all I can do is laugh. It’s just too funny. ; ) Love you, goober.

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