Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | December 20, 2008

Forever Goodbyes

Yesterday was my last day at the Gardens.  Today I’ve been scrambling around the apartment to pack, pack, pack.  I’ve had my iTunes running in the background to keep me company.  There are some free downloads sitting around on computer, most of them neglected so far.  The words from this song, “Forever Goodbyes” by 20 Minutes to Park, caught my attention.

The city lights are nice at night
But I’m just not ready
I miss my small town little life 
So I left you a lonesome pillow 
It’s time for me to find a new zip code 
It’s hard to leave a lover’s side
And before we say our forever goodbyes

And although I don’t believe in “forever goodbyes”, I find these words particularly fitting for what I am going through.  Suddenly the realization that I am leaving has sunk in.  And it hurts a little.  Seems as though I am hurting no matter where I go in life.  Nobody told me that growing up would be so hard.

Just kidding.  Ben Folds totally warned me that growing up sucks.


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