Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | January 25, 2009

Cue The Rolling Stones

You guys, I have a problem.  It’s a not a unique problem by any means.  But ever since I’ve been unemployed, it’s a problem that has been giving me more grief than usual…

Telling the difference between things I want and things I need.  And then, you know, spending the money on things I need instead of things I want.

For example, I would really like to have this winter coat:

It’s not that I don’t already have a really snuggly warm winter coat.  It’s just that this coat is… church outfit appropriate.  Or walking downtown appropriate. It has big pockets!  A fuzzy hood!  And polka dots on the inside! It’s on sale and I have a 15% off coupon!!  

Then reality hits in.  I don’t remember the last time I switched contacts.  Which means it’s probably been more than the recommended two months.  I really need to pay for new contacts.

Or  — It would be really fun to have a Nintendo Wii.  But I know that money should be put aside to pay off my student loans. Or go towards health insurance (because holy tissues, it was really scary being sick and not being able to go to the doctor if I had gotten any worse).

Sigh.  You can’t always get what you want.



  1. Not to be an enabler, but I think everyone needs a long, nicer coat. 🙂 When I bought my first one (which was actually freshman year of high school…I got coat-addicted early) I thought I’d only wear it to fancier occasions: church, plays, etc. But I think you’ll find you can wear them anytime–or at least I do. I haven’t broken out a casual winter coat for anything other than skiing/jogging in years, and I love it. Even if I’m all messy-haired and winter-boot-ed up, it feels nice to have something a little classier (and warm) on.

    …And it has a polka dot lining? That sounds awesome.

    I’m going through this same dilemma, though. Stupid contacts and rent. I really want a new dress instead…or, yes, a new brightly-colored coat.

  2. Also being an enabler…. It’s pretty. It’s on sale. You have a coupon. You know you’d wear it. You DO need a warm coat for nicer occasions. I say go for it. And you’ll soon be employed! So what’s the problem?? 😉

  3. Dude, that coat is super cute.

  4. You girls are horrible! Horrible!
    I love you anyway.

  5. […] pressure made me do it Sunny and I just wanted to let you know that the coat has not only been paid for, but it has arrived. You are all horrible influences on my debit card, […]

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