Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | January 30, 2009


Dearest Regular Sleep Schedule,

Remember when we used to meet up together every night at 9:30pm and depart at 5:24am? Those were hard, lonely days. But at least it was stable. And I like stability. This whole not being sleepy until the wee hours of the morning is getting old. I’m not working on a greenhouse project or memorizing a dozen new plants. There’s no need for me to be awake this late. The morning sun misses me, and I miss her, too.

With love and warm blankets,
This girl


Dear Economy,

Stop tanking. I’d like to start the job that I’ve actually been hired to do, so if you could just get your act together so my company can budget me in there, that would be great. Mmkay?

With love and opportunity,
This girl


Dear Winter,

Look. We used to be such a great pair. You’d give me a few snow days, and I could pretend that I was lost in Alaska while my dog would save me. But these days I just feel like you’re smothering me. The snow and the negative wind chills. I’m sure you mean well, but it’s all too much. It’s time for you to move on. Find a place where people love to be perpetually covered in snow–like Canada. Or Wisconsin. It’ll be best for the both of us, okay?

This girl



  1. Nooo don’t send the snow to Canada!!! Vancouver almost had new records for snowfall this season, we don’t need anymore 😀

  2. No love for Winter? Is that really an enemy you want to make?

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