Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 9, 2009

Kool-Aid and Dinosaurs

I always thought my mom was crazy for becoming a special education teacher.  Hearing the stories of children with autism, behavioral disorders, and other learning disabilities made the job sound intimidating.

Today I went to school with my mom–it was so great to get out of the house/stop job hunting for a little bit–and helped her set up the classroom for a small party.  The kids had popcorn and Kool-Aid Squeezits.  We talked about their favorite M&Ms commercials and I helped them when they had questions about their English homework.

A student with autism gave me a drawing of a dinosaur, explaining to me the name of the dino (which I’ve since forgotten), the fact that it was an herbivore and if it was alive today it would be HUGE.  He then went on to list why it had spines and how it used them to protect itself from a list of other carnivorous dinosaurs.  

One girl told me I was really pretty, which pretty much made my day.  During reading time I graded their spelling papers and created the key for another assignment.  By the end of the day I had learned most of their names and was sad to say goodbye.  They wanted me to come back soon.

Maybe Mom’s not so crazy after all.



  1. all teachers are crazy, but in the good awesome way of inspiring the kids. sigh, i miss being a teacher.

  2. Kids with special needs can be pretty awesome. A lot of times they don’t get a whole lot of positive attention, and it’s really nice to be someone who can give them that. And it’s always rewarding to see them succeed at something…and to see how they react to that.

    Rethinking career options?

  3. Compliments from kids always make my day. Rarely do adults come up to you (without knowing you) and compliment your shoes, sweater, “prettyness”. Even when I look in the mirror after and feel the need to disagree with them…it’s nice. Definitely the upside to my school placement right now haha.

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