Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 11, 2009

Secrets, secrets are no fun. Unless you tell the whole Internet.

Last night I went to a PostSecret event with a good friend of mine, and it sparked a lot of good discussion.  Maybe I’m still in “secret-sharing” mode, because I feel the need to get some of these random secrets off my chest.  

  • I floss every day, but I often forget to put on deodorant.
  • Even though it’s one of the top schools for horticulture, I hesitated to attend the University of Illinois because I hate the color orange.  Plus, it’s totally not a flattering color for redheads.
  • My house is the last house before the country and it’s surrounded by trees and emptiness.  Although I’ve called this place “home” for my entire life, my backyard still creeps me out at night (do you have ANY idea what creatures could be lurking back there?!).
  • I’m afraid to admit that I might need help for depression/anxiety because my dad always says things like, “Don’t get all emotional” and my mom doesn’t believe depression is a real disorder.


  1. This is the third post I’ve read today in which someone admitted to forgetting to apply deodorant. Thank god I’m not the only person who occasionally forgets such things…

  2. Haha… I have the opposite problem: I put on deodorant every day but most of the time forget to floss. Le suck.

    If I was going to go to school, orange would definitely be a deal-breaker.

    And my parents’ garage? I HAVE to turn the light on before I open the door and leave it on until I’m safely out and the door is shut. It creeps me out, and they live right in the city.

    And I totally relate to the “afraid to admit I might need help” one. I felt for a long time (still do; just tired of clamming up about it) like people would think I was making it up if I told them that I was depressed. I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor or anything, but all the things I’ve read point to it. And yet, I still feel like people will say, “What do you have to be depressed about? You’re making it up.” It sucks.

    Dood. We’re like twins. 🙂

  3. i haven’t worn deodorant for months. no one could tell. =P

  4. Actually, one reason I did not want to go to the U of I was because I hate the color orange, too. I hate the color so much that it really surprises me that there are people who like the color.

    I’ve learned that it’s best not to talk about my depression with people who don’t believe me, but it’s hard when those people are in your family. My sister has said things like she wishes she had my problems so she could use it as an excuse (like I do, apparently), and that if she were depressed she would just get over it because she’s a lot stronger than I am. It would be a lot harder, though, with parents. (The worst of it is when people act like if I just prayed enough I would be cured, implying that my current state is somehow a result of my own impiety.)

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