Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 12, 2009

I has boredom.

This unemployment thing is starting to get me down.  It was welcomed at first, because I really needed the emotional and mental break.  Now I am just restless.

There is only so much cleaning and organizing a girl can do before she starts to go crazy (the Windex and the PineSol, you know)!  There is only so much Facebooking before she feels like a total creep!  There needs to be an end to this! Soon! Exclamation point!!1

It’s gotten so bad that I’ve gone through my university email “sent” folder to re-open projects that once kept me up until 4am only to crawl out of bed for my 8am class.  I will never forget that semester–8am classes every day (THE HORROR!), at least one exam every week, with projects and organic chemistry to boot.  It was a miserable time, but somehow I survived.  That girl two years ago would kill for the free time that I have now.  

I need a hobby other than coloring in my nephew’s coloring books.  


(::sigh:: Before you suggest getting books from the library, that’s a no-can-do.  We’re out of city limits and it costs a pretty $75 to obtain a library card)



  1. What about… write a book? Or just a short story?

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