Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 23, 2009

An ode to the letter B

First of all, I want to make a quick shout-out to the person who found my blog while searching for “boredom unemployed cleaning”.  I totally feel your pain.  

Secondly, it’s clear that if I’m going to keep this bloggity blog “popular”, my social life will have to suffer.  During my most fantastic weekend trip to Chicago my site visits have plummeted.  What’s more important, socializing or blog stats?  I think it’s obvious.

Friday night I was having a discussion with John about the finer things in life.  After listing off a few of our favorites–beer, burgers, bubble baths, and bacon–we had a revelation.  Some of the most wonderful things in life start with the letter B.  This should have been no surprise to me, as I’ve already devoted an entire entry to the 2nd letter of the alphabet.  We came up with a few more favorites, such as baseball, balloons, and blankets.

I carried this conversation over to this girl‘s party on Saturday night, and people added even more delightful bleasures (pleasures that start with the letter B, obviously): beds, babies, bass guitars.

We came up with plenty more, but I’d love to hear what you think.  What are some of your favorite things in life that begin with the letter B?



  1. This blog post has 31 B’s. 19 of those words start w/ the letter B.

  2. This might be cheating, but I love big dogs. Little dogs just aren’t the same. Two cool breeds that start with B are bloodhounds and (St.) Bernards. They’re not as cool as German Shepherds, but they’re still neat. And my favorite little dog, the Boston Terrier, also starts with a B.

    Also books, birds, and blogging.

    My mom loves bunnies.

  3. breakfast, beds (i know you used that one already), buttercream frosting, books

  4. butterflies
    bumble & bumble hair products
    ben & jerry’s ice cream


  5. Ooh. AND Burt’s Bees, blueberries, bagels, and foods in bar form. 🙂

  6. Bikes, Beads, Baking, Bacon, Berries, Basil

  7. I’ve read quite a few people talk about people who find their blog through certain search terms…how do you find that stuff out??

  8. Premium post, good looking blog, added it to my favorites.

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