Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | February 27, 2009


When I was little, Friday nights meant pizza! with lots and lots of cheese!  And chocolate milk. On Friday nights, Dad would take me downstairs and put an album on the record player.  R.E.M. would sing about “Shiny, Happy People” and Styx would claim they’re “Not Dead Yet”.*  

Dad sang the words to me as I hopped and danced around the pool table until Dad would pluck me into his arms and tickle me.  Friday nights were my favorite.

This Friday I’m eating some cheese pizza and drinking hot chocolate.  Dad’s still playing those classic rock songs on the stereo.  Although I’m not dancing, we are still singing to each other.

I am glad that some things don’t change.

*Also, I just Googled the lyrics for “Not Dead Yet” and I assure you that as a5- or 6-year-old, I did not realize what this song was really about.  Nice parenting, Dad.



  1. I’m a wee bit hungover and there is nothing in the world that sounds better right now than pizza and chocolate milk and some good tunes on a record player.

  2. YUM. I want pizza right now.

  3. Why no dancing? Perfectly suitable for a Friday, ya know?

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