Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 1, 2009

Uh, Er, Um… Yeah

I am taking this moment to apologize to any and all people that have been forced to sit through an awkward voicemail from yours truly.

I hate leaving voicemail messages.  It’s right up there with calling the pizza place and emailing professors.  It’s awkward and uncomfortable; I am always caught off-guard by that little beep.  After that little beep any shred of confidence that I had vanishes and I am a rambling mess of Er… Uh… and “Umm you should call me back sometime.  Or something.  Yeah.”

That’s definitely going to get him to call me back, right? Right? Hmmph.



  1. I leave awkward voice messages, too. What is there to say? “Hi, it’s Christine. I was calling to talk.* Call me back. Bye.”

    Occasionally I try to say something more creative, and it always ends up being incredibly awkward, and I end up trailing off into… “Um… anyway… I hope to talk to you soon.”

    On the other hand, I always hate calling people, and rarely call a friend unless they specifically tell me too, or we get into a ritual of talking every week. So sometimes it’s a relief to get a voicemail and just let them call me back.

    *Why else would I be calling? I don’t even know why I say it. It seems pretty self-evident.

  2. This is me. I am the world’s worst voicemail-leaver. “Um, hi… it’s me, um, Brooke…. Uh, I was just calling for [x] but I guess you’re busy or gone or something… so, uh, I guess just call me back? Or something? And I’ll talk to you later, er, whenever you get this, and yeah. So yeah. I’m going now. So, um, bye.”

  3. I also freak out at the sound of teh beep. I forget my own telephone number. How weird isn’t that? And I do a nervous little giggle.

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