Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 2, 2009

My life in numbers

12 – The number of days since UI said they were reviewing my grad school application.

0 – The number of times I’ve actually heard from them regarding my acceptance into grad school.

9 – Days since I met a boy who broke all laws of physics.  He blew me away with his good looks, and sucked me in with his great conversation.

0 – How often his number has appeared in my recent calls list.  

3 or 4…or 10 – Handfuls of gummy bears I’ve used to cope with both situations.

241 – Roughly the number of times in which I’ve questioned whether or not I’m crazy in the past 12 days.

Less than 150 – Miles to Chicago to spend time with a friend and forget all of these crazy thoughts.

37 – Times I’ve stopped myself from doing anything irrational – like calling him again to try to leave a better message or…



  1. The grad school waiting game is so painful. I’ll think some good, acceptance-friendly thoughts. 🙂

    Looking forward to boy updates. It’s definitely hard to find ones that have the conversation and the looks/chemistry. Correlated with why I was essentially single for 21 years? Hmmmmm. MAYBE.

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