Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 4, 2009

Ruby Roadsters

During my six months in northern Chicago I noticed the abundance of VW Beetles and Mini Coopers.  And when I say “abundance” I really mean “holy crap there are a million of these cars around here!”  On my 3-mile drive home from work, I would see an average of 3 Beetles and 2 Mini Coopers.  Reggie, my little blue Regal had a parking spot by a little blue Beetle.

Small towners don’t typically drive these little cars.  Unless they’re originally from the city.  Or just driving through.  Small-towners drive basic, dependable cars or trucks.  American brands, of course.

It wasn’t until high school that my best friend and I noticed a trend on the roads.  Big red trucks were everywhere.  Chevy, Ford, Dodge–it didn’t matter what type of truck it was; it just needed to be big. and red.  My friend and I became so aware of their presence in our town that we began a daily record of how many red trucks we’d see in the day.  While hanging out on the weekends–back when putting 5 bucks of gas into your car actually got you somewhere and “being green” only referred to Kermit–we’d drive around town tallying up those ruby roadsters.  We tried to spot every single one, our highest count being 34.

Being back in my hometown reminded me of this pastime, and if I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: small towns don’t change.  Those shiny red trucks are still dominating the streets, and I’m still keeping tabs of them.

Today’s count: 6



  1. I do not think I ever saw so many trucks until I moved to Texas for school. I lived in a suburban community in California where everyone drove a BMW or a small Ford car. In Texas, everyone has a truck. I still have a small Ford.

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