Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 12, 2009

Thursday nights with KC

On Thursdays, Mom and I make popcorn while we watch our TV shows — Ugly Betty, The Office, and 30 Rock.

Our oldest dog, KC–a chipper yellow labrador retriever, will waver between Mom and me, waiting for a piece of popcorn to be tossed into the air for her to snatch.

Tomorrow KC is going in for surgery to remove a fatty tumor that was once the size of a golf ball that has rapidly grown to the size of a softball. She can’t have any food tonight or tomorrow morning, and it’s killing me not to toss her a piece of popcorn.

She’s looking at me with that side-ways tilt, her ears perked up, and her deep brown eyes show her confusion. I know what she’s thinking:

Hey. Hey. What’s going on, huh? Huh? Did I do something wrong? Did I burp too loudly? Did I not wag my tail enough? I’LL WAG MY TAIL MORE OFTEN. DEAR GOD, JUST GIVE ME A PIECE OF POPCORN.

The last time we sent our family dog in for a similar procedure, he never got to come back home. I can’t handle this. She better pull through this surgery, or I will be a complete disaster.



  1. […] have someone when I went under,  I can at least help my friends.  Molly had surgery today and Erica’s dog will have it tomorrow.  It will all go well and everything will be fine.  You’re in my […]

  2. I remember when my dog died, very suddenly, almost five years ago. I still miss her. I hope KC is okay, and I will pray for her.

    My bird, Sydney, is either sick or injured, and we are taking him to the vet tomorrow. I am really frustrated that I can’t keep him at my apartment to watch him and make sure he’s okay. I hope both of our pets come through their procedures okay.

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