Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 15, 2009

Sunday Confessional

In 8th grade we had a leaf-collecting project.  This was at the time that I had dreams of becoming a veterinarian, a far cry from my degree in horticulture.  

My parents weren’t much help for this project–they couldn’t even remember which trees they had planted into our own yard just a few years prior to this project.

So I was on my own, relying on horrible tree-identifying books that only showed pictures of the trees as a whole; no leaves, buds, or flowers to look at.  I was not yet aware of the 1,250 page horticultural Bible written according to Dirr. 

Anyway.  By using these sub-par references, I had identified the tree in our backyard as a Quaking Aspen.  And I received a perfect score on my leaf collection.

Fast forward 7 years to my junior year of college when I discovered the tree in my backyard was not a Quaking Aspen but, in fact, a Bradford Callery Pear.  The trees are so different from each other that I can’t even understand how I confused the two.  And my teacher thought I was correct.

The goodie-two shoe 8th grader within me still feels ashamed every time I look at that tree.

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