Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | March 30, 2009

Running Through my Mind

Things that cross my mind on a daily basis:

  • What if in 10 years they discover that the ingredients used in sunscreen actually cause more types of cancer than frequent trips to the tanning salon AND sunburns, combined?
  • Why does “rabbit” have two “b”s but “habit” only has one?
  • I find it completely ironic that trees are protected from environmental stress by mulch–chopped up pieces of other trees.
  • Why couldn’t I have been the one to invent the Snuggie??


  1. Rabbit versus Habit…such a valid query!

  2. Do you really want to be the one credited with inventing the Snuggie? That thing gets made fun of soooo often. Now the ShamWow…. THERE’S a good idea. 😉

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