Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 19, 2009

It goes on and on and on…

During 6th grade homeroom on Friday, one of the students was listening to his iPod.  Apparently the teacher lets the kids listen as long as it didn’t bother other students.  Totally bogus, because if I ever played with my Digipet during homeroom, it would have been stolen without so much as a “tsk, tsk” from my grumpy old 6th grade teacher.  

I digress.

The boy paused his iPod nano (mind you, I’m still rockin’ my iPod mini) and came up to my desk.  

“Hey, Miss Anomaly, do you know this song?”

There on the multi-color screen (DARN KIDS WITH THEIR TECHNOLOGY) was the title and artist:

Midnight Train – Journey

I had been expecting some new pop song, so I won’t lie when I tell you that I was completely shocked.  “Oh, yeah!  I love that song.”

“Really?  Me, too!  It’s my favorite!” replied the 11-year-old.

Classic rock will never die.

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