Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 20, 2009

A sad fact

I get more teary-eyed reading about 21 horses that died than I do over any war-related death article.

Clearly, this is a sign of needed adjustment.



  1. I’m the same way. I’ll cry over commercials about dogs in shelters but not about people who’ve died or ads for aid to starving children in Third World countries. On the other hand, I think part of the reason I feel this way is that I know how dependent animals are on people for their survival and well-being, so when they die or are injured (especially by human hands), it seems more like the destruction of an innocent. Most people I know (aside from very young children) have some responsibility for their own well-being, and because I know that, it’s harder for me to see a person’s death or injury (especially an adult’s) as quite the same destruction of an innocenet. The thing that really makes me teary-eyed about people’s deaths I read about are seeing or reading the impact on the people left behind.

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