Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | April 27, 2009

If I had only known

After Joy had talked about J.Crew in a recent entry, I started bumbling around their website.  Now that I have income again, I am trying to build up my wardrobe before I become a teaching assistant in grad school.  I don’t think my students would take me seriously if I taught class wearing Threadless tees every day.

While searching through the clearance items, I noticed this:

Slouchy MacSlouchypher

Slouchy McSlouchysons

It’s not the dress that I noticed.  It’s the model’s horrible posture.  She looks like she can’t even carry her own weight.  Like a worn, maltreated Cabbage Patch doll that I used to have.

It makes the dress look horribly unflattering. I’m shocked that the photographer and J.Crew decided this was fetching enough to place it on their website.

If I had known that wearing nice dresses and having poor posture would get me anywhere in life, I would never have bothered to go to college.  Sign me up for her job.



  1. I completely agree with your description (and my own posture stinks, just ask my mom), but just had to comment that I was on the website yesterday and decided I loved this dress and maybe even that color hahaha. Clearly was too overtaken by PRETTY DRESSES lust to notice anything amiss.

    I need to get myself to a JCrew so I actually know my size there so I have the possibility of ordering clearance. Because I certainly can’t afford full price ha.

  2. SO true! She looks weird. And slackerish. And kind of insecure. A dress like that should make ANY girl feel confident.

  3. Her posture is super weird. “Hey guys… yeah, just hangin’ out…”

    On the other hand, Threadless tees would probably make them bow in honor of your awesomeness.

    Just a thought.

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