Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 4, 2009

Target: My Anti-Drug

Heroine? Cocaine?  Meth?

No thanks.

I’m saving up all my money so I can mindlessly spend it on things I find at the local Target.  So when I go in to buy my hair gel, I’ll still have $3 to buy this absolutely adorable whale penny bank.

Actually, it was absolutely necessary.

Actually, it was absolutely necessary.



  1. I truly do not think I’ve been to Target since December (as I still am in possession of a gift card from Christmas). How this is possible I DO NOT KNOW. Target is definitely one of my happy places. Even though I always wind up spending more than intended. If I could keep my sights on three dollar awesomeness, I might be able to visit more…

    (Think I’ll finally make it back there this weekend on a shoe/cheap clothing mission…thank goodness)

  2. SO CUTE. You know how much I love Target.

    Not to ruin any surprises or anything…but I am in need of birthday gift ideas for you. If you’d prefer to save your $$$, let me know. 😉

  3. I think it’s a reflection on Twitter that I saw that and thought of the Fail Whale.


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