Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 7, 2009

There’s always something

I miss…

  • The bright, cheerful blue color of my first big-girl apartment.
  • Having a short 5-minute walk to work in the lab grading papers and eating butterscotch oatmeal cookies made by the professor.
  • Shepherd’s pie from my favorite bar up north.
  • Listening to your witty banter and goofy stories.
  • Walking past the Ginkgo, white ash, and crabapples on my way to class every day.
  • Washing your dishes after we’ve created a masterpiece.
  • Grabbing a juice and an eggs and cress sandwich from Pret a Manger at noon after class in London.
  • Watching you play your video game in the corner of my eye as I finish yet another late-night project.
  • Sitting in the 8th row from the front on the left side of the chapel after a long, challenging day.  Or after a long, happy day.  Any day, really.
  • Lunchtime crossword puzzles.
  • White Chocolate FrosTeas that burn the tip of my tongue because I’m too excited to drink them.

My heart is heavy tonight.  It seems as though no matter where I go or what I do, I will always be missing something.  Always longing for something that belongs in the past.



  1. I’ve been thinking about similar things a lot. Now that I’ve read your post, I think I’ll put them into a livejournal post. I think you’ll find it interesting.

  2. I think study abroad nostalgia is the worst (and best, I suppose). It is just so intense, because it was an entirely different life, with entirely different routines, people, landmarks, food. Of course there are other periods of my life that I miss, but Italy is the one that it’s really hard to get out of my mind once I start focusing on something as small as the coconut gelato from cafe zac.

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