Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 13, 2009

Operating a business of pearly white lies

You know those commercials from dentists and orthodontists?  I know you’ve seen them.  It’s the dentist/ortho sitting in a big leather chair, promising us all that they’ll give us “something to smile about” if we use their services.

Yep. You know.  Those commercials.


Somebody oughta put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.  Because all of these commercials fail to mention the months of pain and agony before your teeth finally align correctly.  They don’t warn you about the extreme awkwardness of having to take out your retainer in front of everyone in the lunch room before you can eat your meal.  They don’t advertise the lisp that you’ll have; that you’ll no longer be able to correctly pronounce your S’s.  Schexy, right?

The only reason they’ve obviously gotten away with this for so long is that they mostly cater to poor, naïve teenagers.  But I won’t fall for it!  Because this pain is NOT giving me something to smile about.

Dentists and orthodontists of the world – You’ve been warned.


  1. Another problem:
    Even if you have nice teeth that doesn’t mean you’ll have something to smile about. What if you’re depressed, or someone you love died, or you lose your job? Will you really be smiling just because your teeth are straight? I think not.

    Also: “About” is a preposition. They really should say, “something about which to smile.” Both false advertising and a blatant misuse of the English language.

  2. haha, schexy. you might sound german?

    schweet. 😛

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