Posted by: LovelyAnomaly | May 18, 2009

Chicago, Again

We’ve all heard about how horrible the economy is.  How hard it is to get a job, let alone one you love and pays well.

This economy has nothin’ on me.  Because during the spring and summer, a horticulture degree is like gold.  Pure, shiny gold on my résumé.  I applied to a dozen garden centers and nature day camps, hoping something would pop up.  Even though I had left the Chicago-region with a grumpy attitude and an even larger distaste for the Cubs, I even applied to work in the City again.  Why?  Because a job description screamed, “Apply to me!”

  1. Teach children how to identify trees.
  2. Take water samples from local ponds/lagoons and observe the little critters that live in the water.  Hello, dragonfly nymphs!
  3. Play with turtles, collect seeds from prairie plants, go camping, investigate an owl pellet, meet a red-tailed hawk.

Basically, I was floored with how amazing the job would be.  I sent my application in the mail, and waited.

Weeks went by with no word.  I called to check on the status of the position, and the lady on the other end of the line informed that all positions had been filled.

I grumbled a bit, and sent out more applications.

Two weeks later, I started working part time at a local garden center.  A week after I started, I got a call from the nature camp.  They were scheduling interviews to be held in two weeks.  I was flabbergasted.  Hadn’t all the positions been filled?

Two weeks ago I went to the interview.  Yes, I had a job that would become full-time in the summer.  But I was too intrigued by this day camp.  I had to at least go to the interview.  It couldn’t hurt.

Today I was offered the job.

(I accepted.)

So.  Chicago.  You and I are gonna be buddies again this summer.  Let’s make it one filled with baseball games, new food, new friends, plenty of evenings spent at the beach, and not so many sunburns, mkay?  It’ll be fun.



  1. welcome home.

  2. You will have to come hang out with us Chicago bloggers one night 🙂

  3. Congratulations! Have a blast =)

  4. […] teacher, but I also started working part-time at a garden center.  But then I was offered an amazing job in Chicago–I accepted.  Most importantly, I decided to stop allowing myself to live a […]

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